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The “Bain Report” Post Primary Edition for Monday, August, 13, 2012

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Opinion By R Al Bain

Well the Primary has come and gone and the only good thing I can see from it was the Kerry Bentivolio victory. There was plenty of rotten political shenanigans out of the establishment players that is an absolute disgrace. There was a post on facebook where the poster said that now that the Primary is over we are all one big happy team. I have to beg to differ on that statement for what happened here in Monroe County was nothing short of dirty politics at it’s worst.

You see there is a certain Senate Majority leader (“RINO”) Randy Richardville who still has his mommy doing his dirty work for him! Poor Randy couldn’t take the heat so he enlisted the service’s of his mommy dearest and her Republican Women’s Club girlfriend to recruit a liberal progressive man to run against a sitting Conservative Republican Woman who by the way was the only woman on this nine member Board of Commissioners here in Monroe County. Talk about a direct slap in the face to all woman! They first asked the Democrat she beat in 2010 to run against her but he wasn’t interested!

Even the establishment conjured up a woman to run against Kerry as a write-in candidate. I guess the establishment was smart enough to know you wouldn’t want to alienate the women voters by picking a man to run against Mr. Bentivolio. This comment was made after the Primary: “Today we are one team” I’ve having a real hard time with that one! You see I don’t think my true Republican teammates would run a progressive liberal masquerading as a Republican knocking out a “rock solid” sitting Republican! Do you? The Richardville machine with his minions did just that down here in Monroe County to a sitting Conservative Republican Commissioner!

Just like a little boy who got beat-up and ran home to mommy crying, Mr. RINO would get his revenge against anyone who would be critical of his actions and legislative policies. Not that the consequences of his actions would be a detriment to those citizens that expect and deserve solid representation. But he wouldn’t know or care about that for his world is all about him and what’s in the best interest of his political future and career in the political arena. Can you say self serving! Just ask his soon to be ex-wife but more on that later!

Here is a small sample of the representation they targeted and eliminated for self serving reasons. This is from a constituent of this Conservative Republican Woman they defeated in the Primary which is supposed to be a Republican teammate. 

Mrs. O’Neill received an email from one of her constituents Monday, August, 2, 2012 on an issue she got resolved I’d like to share with you as an example of her representation: From: Constituent  Date: Thu, Aug 2, 2012 at 6:38 PM To: Mary O’Neill – Mary, I just received a e-mail from Steve B at the Road Commission. He informed me that next week the Road Commission will open up the Lighthouse Rd underpass and the drainage tile to the creek. Therefore, there is no need to interact with the Township. Thanks again. You managed to succeed where your predecessors Icoangili and Ansel failed.  This constituent was fighting with this issue for over 10 years!

I feel sorry for the citizens of District 7 here in Monroe County for they have lost a true representative of the people all for political payback to satisfy Mr. Richardville’s ego! So in the future when you receive a phone call or email telling you not to vote for a certain candidate because (you pick the reason) radical libertarian, radical “Tea Party” person for your own good better do some research first because you may very well be cutting off your nose to spite your face!

This is not the first time around with this dance for the “RINO” Richardville machine and his minions for their little click targeted a conservative candidate back in 2008 using the same rhetoric to con the voters and ran a guy unqualified that didn’t even have a drivers license and no chance what so ever of beating the Democrat but maybe that was their intension all along.

Our once proud and principled Republican Party is broke and has been hijacked by liberals masquerading as Republicans!

Did the Michigan Senate Leader Break The Law?

Apparently he did.  And right now he may be occupying the office illegally.

Movie Makers Review 2012 State “TAXPAYER” Incentives

More tax dollars wasted for wealthy Hollywood “fat cats”! Note that $50 million will be available for fiscal 2013 thanks to legislation introduced by Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville who by the way has a daughter working for these Hollywood Fat Cats. Can you say perks for friends and family!

Drugs Dangerous in Motor Sports

Michigan “TAXPAYERS” are subsidizing a NASCAR racing team along with Michigan International Speedway to the tune of millions of taxpayer dollars. Is this something we the taxpayers should be funding? I for one think not! AJ Allmendinger, who was suspended by NASCAR and fired by Penske Racing on Wednesday for failing a drug test, Jeremy Mayfield, who was permanently suspended by NASCAR in 2009 for taking methamphetamines, and Shane Hmiel, who was suspended three times for failing drug tests and eventually banned for life by NASCAR.

Snyder Looking at 2nd Term

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder isn’t yet announcing his re-election bid, but he said Friday there’s still a lot he wants to accomplish that may spill into a second term. Can you say a “Higher Gas Tax” a “New Government Bridge, and (drum roll please) an “Obama Style Healthcare Exchange”.

10 Emptiest U.S. Cities 2012

It’s no secret that the U.S. housing market has seen better days. From falling home values and impaired labor mobility to backed-up inventories and a flood of foreclosures, the real-estate downturn has affected the economy at large in countless ways. Contrary to what you hear in the liberal media and by government officials it’s “not” getting better in fact it may be getting worse!

“Politicians and diapers should be changed often, and for the same reason” ~ Mark Twain


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