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Is the Budget Sequestration Legislation Good or Bad What Do You Think?

Budget Exectuive Office Building DC

With the deadline for action on March, 1, 2013, exasperated governors are joining a White House push to intensify pressure on Congress to prevent a looming budget crisis.

There are currently 30 Republicans, 19 Democrats, and 1 independent holding the office of governor in the states. This begs the question why would “Republican” governors join Obama in preventing less spending with a 16 trillion debt?

Budget sequestration is a procedure in United States law that has the effect of limiting the size of the federal budget.

Sequestration involves setting a hard cap on the amount of government spending within broadly-defined categories; if Congress enacts annual appropriations legislation that exceeds these caps, an across-the-board spending cut is automatically imposed on these categories, affecting all departments and programs by an equal percentage.

The amount exceeding the budget limit is held back by the Treasury and not transferred to the agencies specified in the appropriation bills. The prospect of sequestration has thus come to seem so catastrophic that Congress so far has been unwilling actually to let it happen.

Instead, Congress has repeatedly chosen simply to raise the Budget Resolution spending caps upward toward the end of the legislative session in order to match the actual totals already appropriated, thus largely wiping out the incentives that the reformed budget procedures were expected to provide for Congress to get better control of the budget deficit.

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Liberal Republicans Masquerading as Conservatives

“RINOS” Need to Take Back their GOP by Kathleen Parker

Kathleen Parker & Eliot Spitzer

Kathleen Parker made news during the 2008 U.S. presidential election when she called on the Republican vice presidential nominee, Governor Sarah Palin, to step down from the party ticket, saying that a series of media interviews showed that Palin was “clearly out of her league.” Kathleen Parker received over 11,000 responses, mostly from conservatives criticizing her and rightly so she is a liberal masquerading as a Republican.

Aren’t we almost in 2012? Yet there’s Kathleen Parker, still gushing over Barack Obama like a member of the liberal media in the deepest throes of 2008 Obama-adulation. After extolling Obama’s foreign policy approach as “cool” [mangling a basketball metaphor along the way], Parker defiantly declares: “I know everyone’s going to say [I’m] an Obama lover. Whatever.” Parker put her crush on display on Chris Matthews’ weekend show.

Kathleen Parker, once half of the duo on CNN’s 8pm show “Parker Spitzer,” with the disgraced former New York governor once caught in a prostitution scandal, will continue with the network on a new show. Read her article by clicking the link below as to see how the Republican Party has been infiltrated by the liberals and their attacks on conservatism.


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MEDC Taxpayer Giveaways Continue Benefiting a “Very Profitable” La-Z-Boy Corporation


La-Z-Boy announced in January that it planned to build a $50 million global headquarters in Monroe after threatening to build elsewhere unless the taxpayers of Michigan pony up and that’s exactly what the state did through its “failed” (MEDC) Michigan Economic Development Corp.

The company’s third-quarter profit soars! Michigan-based La-Z-Boy said Tuesday its operating income was up 37 percent in the fiscal 2013 third quarter, to $23.3 million, compared with $17 million in the same quarter of 2012. The company ended the quarter with $112 million in cash and equivalents. Net income attributable was $17.1 million, or $0.32 per diluted share, which included $0.04 relating to gains on the sale of investments and a related tax benefit.

The company was courted by Ohio and other Michigan cities to relocate, but chose to stay in Monroe after the (MEDC) Michigan Economic Development Corp. offered up to 12.7 million in help to build its new headquarters. La-Z-Boy has been located in Monroe since its founding in 1927.

La-Z-Boy Awarded $3.7 Million “Plus” from the Michigan Strategic Fund

Furniture maker plans to build a new world headquarters in Monroe after state approval this week on a $3.7 million incentive package. This “taxpayer funded” package could be worth $12.7 million over nine years when the package’s grants and tax breaks are combined and that is contingent on La-Z-Boy adding “50” jobs.

Dan Swallow, director of economic and community development for Monroe, said the two grants and the tax abatement were paramount to keeping La-Z-Boy fully committing to staying in Monroe. The company had stated it would remain in Monroe if everything could be worked out, but if it couldn’t, it might be forced to go to another county or state.

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MIGOP Change in Leadership Paramount for Party

A GOP Corruption and Cronyism

By Tim Bos
It’s Convention Day, and the latest polls show that the Chairman’s race is so tight that less than a single point separates them.

The two biggest issues are fundraising and maintaining the status quo vs. Courser’s plan to Re-Brand, Re-Tool and Re-Build.

For those who are unaware, Courser has been discussing the cash issue with major GOP donors and professional GOP fundraisers. Both groups will remain supportive of the state GOP, regardless of who wins the race. Available cash will not be an issue for 2014 statewide races.

However, all who donate expect a good return on their investments in the Party, and past performance raises concerns about future returns, and new leadership allays those fears considerably in the eyes of the people who make a living from raising donations. They have agreed to support Courser’s GOP, and are willing and able to raise more cash than the current Chair did last year.

In addition, FEC campaign donation reports prove that Mr. Schostak has made personal donations to Democrat presidential candidates over and above donations that he made as Treasurer for his family’s PAC, in addition to those made to Nancy Pelosi, Jennifer Granholm, and Detroit’s Rep. John Conyers.

Schostak’s most recent explanation is that those donations were done to promote his business interests, which begs the question “What type of business were you hoping to do with Pelosi, Gore, Lieberman, and John Kerry after their radical Left wing elections?”

While Courser has laid out an extensive plan for decentralizing the State GOP assets and resources to assist the grass roots with identifying voters never before approached with the Conservative solution to their concerns and issues, Mr. Schostak has countered with a plan to add another layer of top-heavy GOP controls in the Ivory Tower with an all new Coalitions Dept in Lansing.

In it’s simplest analysis, the difference between the two plans boils down to investing heavily in Lansing or in the congressional districts where the rubber meets the road.

In reality, this race personifies the struggles between Conservative ideals and principles against the Establishment desire to maintain the middle of the road, go along to get along demands viewed widely with a jaundiced eye- in every single state and even more so at the Federal level.

I urge everyone to go above and beyond their personal comfort zones and get to Lansing by any means necessary- without fail.

A vote for Courser is an affirmation in our belief in the strength of our Founding Principles, the message of hope and opportunity that results from using those concepts continually in the face of this onslaught of liberalism, and a clear message that we are absolutely fed up with the Democrat-lite Establishment and won’t take it anymore.

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Michigan Politics, Corruption and Cronyism … Who was paid off? Is Bobby Schostak Involved?

Bosses of the Senate

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) has a laundry list of “failed” investments with taxpayer money. The citizens of Michigan should and must call for the abolishment of this “quasi government” entity that continues to waste taxpayer dollars. 

Kilpatrick’s financial backers, however, may have the final say on that matter.

Before landowners in Romulus and Huron Township sued to block Wayne County’s takeover of their properties to build the Pinnacle Aeropark, a consortium of Kilpatrick campaign contributors and confidantes was duking it out with an opposing group of prominent Republican contributors over who would be named developer of the $2 billion project.

The Pinnacle project includes plans for hotels, factories, offices and a 27-hole championship golf course on a 1,300 acre site.

Together with the Romulus casino and a racino also approved by Romulus voters, the development would create a tourist destination that would allow air travelers to entirely bypass the city of Detroit.

The two consortiums in the final running to be named Pinnacle developer were the Aeropark Alliance, Wayne County LLC, and the Metro South Development Group, LLC.

The Aeropark Alliance is composed of the “Schostak Brothers” Sand Co, Inc, Belz Enterprises, the Sterling Group, and attorney and Michigan Democratic Party co-chair Melvin “Butch” Hollowell.

The “Schostaks” and Sterling Group partners were significant contributors to the Kawme Kilpatrick mayoral campaign. “Gary Torgow” one of the state’s top Democrat donors of the Sterling Group and Hollowell were Kilpatrick transition team members in 2001…”

Gary Torgow is connected to 196 board members in 5 different organizations across 5 different industries. Click See Board Relationships VERY INTERESTING!!!

Wayne County, Michigan – Sunshine Review

Wayne County sold land to a Huron Township racecourse for $1 less than two years ago and sold one parcel for $179,000. The Pinnacle Race Course has …,_Michigan

Pinnacle raceway surrenders gaming license in midst of financial trouble

May 5, 2011 – … Raceway in New Boston. It reads: “This property seized by Huron Township”. … It sold three hundred-twenty acres to Campbell for one dollar.

Pinnacle Race Course Pays Water Bill. But on the property itself? Pinnacle pays $33000 water bill to avoid shutoff In reality the …

HURON TWP: Sep 21, 2010 – The bill is accruing a 1 percent penalty until it is paid, and that fee is assessed … The Pinnacle racetrack is on 320 acres owned by Post-It Stables. …. Foul Ball, They Bought Land For A Dollar, They Sold a Piece for $179,000.

Owner of “One Dollar” Race Track Property Was Not Sent Tax Bills …

Aug 21, 2010 – Owner of “One Dollar” Race Track Property Was Not Sent Tax Bills for Two … The private Huron Township race course that got 240 acres of land for $1 in a deal with Wayne County and then sold part of it for $179,000 wasn’t …

Racetrack Buys Property From Wayne Co. Taxpayers for $1

Aug 13, 2010 – One-dollar investment may yet yield two more property sales for track owners … A Huron Township racecourse that bought land for $1 from Wayne … has already sold one parcel for $179,000 and has plans to sell two more

MEDC-Endorsed Bet on Horse Track Now Under Investigation

Aug 16, 2010 – A privately owned racecourse in Huron Township broke a promise … But the state , county and township do not collect property tax dollars if the land is sold to … Huron Township widened one of the roads leading to the track in …

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Deceive, Deceit and Deception the Bobby Schostak Story – Michigan’s “Scandal-Gates”


“Dele-Gate” Timeline and Flowchart – Rule changed to give Romney the win

“Mortgage-Gate” – Law passed to save chairman’s brother 2.4 million

“Bolger-Gate” – Recruits Democrat

“Endorsement-Gate, I never endorsed him”

“Pelsosi-Gate” – List of donations to Democrats

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Establishment Politics playing out in Michigan’s 1st District?

Reported by Tom Jefferson

Hoekstra Stillings Hoffa

One of the current Vice Chairs of Michigan’s 1st Congressional District, Tom Stillings openly endorsed U.S. Senate candidate Pete Hoekstra, early in 2012 during an open primary race, which is against the 1st Congressional District Committee’s rules.  Later it was discovered that Stillings had received monies from connections to the Hoekstra campaign, for his efforts.

I’ve been told that not only did Stillings endorse Hoekstra, but attended many events as his surrogate and spoke on his behalf, while publicly attacking the other Republican candidates.  Additionally, Stillings posted numerous public comments on his Facebook page, again attacking the other open primary candidates and their supporters.

Just prior to the August 7th primary vote, Stillings alleged that Clark Durant had committed a felony as a result of his fund-raising activities for Detroit’s Cornerstone Schools, which Durant founded.  While at a public event, Stillings in front of many witnesses even suggested that criminal charges should be brought against Durant.

To further this frivolous charge, rumors have it that Stillings conspired with the 1st District’s Chippewa County’s Republican Chair – Tony Stackpoole to pressure Nathan Chesebro, former Chippewa County executive committee member to file a demand for investigation with the Internal Revenue Service against Durant and Cornerstone Schools, just prior to the primary vote, which made statewide headlines.

Stilling’s plan worked to perfection, and his candidate Pete Hoekstra defeated Clark Durant in the August 7th, 2012 open primary.

So now, look who has endorsed Stillings which he prominently displays on both his website and e-mail blasts to the 1st District, none other than Pete Hoekstra.

How can the Republican delegates vote to basically promote someone to be their 1st District Chairman, when he uses union like strong arm tactics to garner support for his chosen candidates and to attack other good people who are running for political office?

Does Stillings deserve to be promoted to Chairman of Michigan’s 1st Congressional District?  I don’t think so, just sayin!

Tom Jefferson

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