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The “Bain Report” Articles that Affect You and Your Family for Monday, May, 2, 2011

The “Bain Report” is a weekly publication for those citizens of  Michigan who are concerned with the representation they are receiving from their elected officials. The purpose of this report is to educate and inform the citizens with pertinent articles and legislation that affect the family’s of Michigan. If you or anyone you know wishes to receive the “Bain Report” reply to with add me to the weekly “Bain Report” in the subject line with your name and e-mail address in the body. Your email will be added to the list of those Patriots, Activist, and Concerned Citizens here in Michigan who receive the “Bain Report” published every Monday. For those currently receiving the “Bain Report” and wish to be removed from these mailings please reply to above e-mail address with remove me from your list in the subject line.

Opinion: By R. Al Bain

“Michigan must fix its Broken Redistricting Process”

Redistricting, a process that takes place just once every 10 years, can keep our communities together or split them apart changing whether we have representatives who feel responsible for our concerns.

Instead of drawing districts that accurately represent our communities, in many cases partisans will put their own interests first creating “safe districts.” This is something both parties do all the time and it needs to stop.

Michigan’s weak redistricting laws are unacceptable and an embarrassment. As long as there are a similar number of people in each district, lawmakers have significant leeway to draw lines as they see fit and that usually means districts that are solidly held by one party and voters that have little meaningful choice on Election Day. As a voter, your voice is being lost and your choices limited.

Redistricting needs to be open and transparent in Michigan, with significant opportunities for public input.

Local Governments County redistricting bodies must complete their processes within 60 days of the release of the final census numbers that means now. With games being played here in Monroe this is not a good sign!

The local County apportionment commissions who are charged with redistricting, to post proposed districts on their websites and encourage public comment.

County apportionment commissions should hold public hearings for discussion of proposed districts. Lines should not be drawn behind closed doors.

County redistricting bodies would be required to post written justification explaining how and why each district was drawn. Citizens should know how district lines are drawn for them.

These are common sense measures that will go a long way toward bringing more transparency to the redistricting process in Michigan.

Other states already have introduced measures aimed at removing partisan politics from redistricting why shouldn’t we follow suit here in Monroe?

Note:  There was an error in communication in last weeks opinion in the “Bain Report” with the source, an elected Monroe County official. It has come to light by two individuals who attended the Republican Lincoln/Reagan dinner where there was a protest. It was 25 to 30 protestors not the 100 to 200 as reported. The source confused the prior protest held in Monroe, click the link below.

New Pension Tax Proposal all about VOTES!
As soon as I seen the new proposal for taxing pensions I said this is about votes! I see I’m not the only one who sees it this way. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out! There’s a huge voting block when it comes to our senior citizen population. Ted Nuggent sat down with Governor Snyder for a little chat and made these comments on taxing pensions. Nuggent: Your idea to tax pensions is so off the wall. Don’t you know that senior citizens vote in large numbers. Even a gun-totin’ wise guy like me knows that. Snyder: You sound like my advisors. They said the same thing, but none of them are from Ann Arbor, where we are always right, and on this one, I am right. I need that tax to pay for a $1.8 billion tax cut for all my friends in the business community.

Former Democrat Gov. James Blanchard, a Paid Consultant for Michigan
Heard on the Frank Beckmann Radio show Friday April 15 2011 that former Michigan Governor Jim Blanchard was being paid by the State of Michigan (The Taxpayers) for consulting on the Detroit International Bridge Crossing. He’s also being paid by the Candians as well for lobbying! Nothing like getting paid from both sides of the river! The ex-Ambassador to Canada also got money for lobbying to get support for DRIC. Perhaps one might also question why Canada wants to loan Michigan $550M when everyone knows that the money cannot be paid back because toll revenues will be insufficient! Sen. Nancy Cassis, R-Novi, said after looking over the traffic studies supplied by Warren-based Ambassador Bridge that she questions whether there is enough cross-border traffic to justify construction of a new bridge. Andy Dillon, who led the DRIC charge during a successful vote in the House in May, has been appointed by Snyder as state treasurer. Along with DRIC supporter Randy Richardville both appointments are hopeful signs the bridge will be built, Blanchard said. Let me see a Republican Senator is against this bridge but all the “Democrats” are for it!

New Autism Insurance Coverage Mandate Legislation for Michigan
Make no mistake about it your insurance rates are going up if this mandate passes! In March, Sen. Tupac Hunter, D-Detroit, introduced two bills, Senate Bills 38 and 39, that would mandate insurance coverage for autism spectrum disorder treatments. They have been referred to the insurance committee chaired by Sen. Joe Hune, R-Howell. While I feel for the parents of autistic children I do not fell that it’s right for the taxpayers and citizens of Michigan to foot the bill. If this legislation passes does anybody really think the insurance companies will not pass this cost onto your insurance premium! What’s next mandates for Bi-Polar disorder, erectile dysfunction, or the many other disabilities that afflict the population? This is just plain wrong!

Your Tax Dollars, Pure Michigan and The Film Subsidy
There was $510,000 spent by a movie company while making a film here in Michigan. It received a $223,341 tax subsidy from Michigan taxpayers, or roughly 42 percent of the film’s total expenses. But that’s not all! There was $115,000 spent outside the state, which includes such things as out-of-state film crews brought in for the project. If you factor in just Michigan spending, the tax credits rises to 56 percent of the total money spent in state. The Michigan Film Office calls this “Pure Michigan” spending.

Michigan GOP Michigan Bobby Schostak ruffles some GOP feathers
Here’s a news flash! This is so typical of the status quo in the Michigan Republican Party. Michigan GOP Chairman Bobby Schostak stated when talking about Former Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-Mich.) deciding not to challenge Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D) in 2012, stated in a March interview predicted that a candidate who is “head and shoulders” above some of the mentioned contenders would emerge. Businessman Peter Konechty (R) and Randy Hekman (R), a former juvenile court judge in Kent County have already announced that they are running. I guess if your not part of the Michigan GOP “good ole boy club” and are a constitutionalist agreeing with the “Tea Party” movement you’re not “head and shoulders” material! He also stated that Hoekstra “will always be a conservative leader” and will be “working closely” with the Michigan GOP in the future. I think some of these Republicans need to look up the definition of conservative before throwing that term around. Note: Hoekstra has joined the Washington law and lobbying firm Dickstein Shapiro LLP.

Political Corruption in Michigan
Nobody claims that corruption in Detroit is in the same league as in Chicago, or that Michigan’s elected officeholders would beat their Illinois compatriots in a Who’s-More-Crooked competition. Plus, due to increased accountability, audits, freedom of information laws and other safeguards, few contemporary corruption scandals are likely to reach the extent of the 1944 bribery scandal that enmeshed 20 present and former Michigan legislators and sent many of them to prison. But the recurring exposure of graft and dishonesty in the Great Lakes State remains disturbing. The fact that many of the dip-into-the-till, cook-the-books and pay-to-play schemes have been able to go on for years before detection demonstrates that current accountability measures and other safeguards are inadequate.

Michigan Looks to Add Cross-State Bicycle Route
In Michigan our roads are no better than in third World Countries at best and now there’s talk of a cross state bicycle route? Oh the insanity of it all! Does anybody remember the wasted tax dollars for the bicycle route along I-275 that today isn’t usable. Bottom line is our roads need to be top priority not a bicycle route!

Gasoline Averaging $4 a Gallon in 5 States
The average price of gasoline is now above $4 per gallon in five states, and it could rise to that level in New York and Washington, D.C., this weekend. This week, benchmark crude has mostly moved against the dollar. Oil, which is traded in dollars, tends to rise when the dollar weakens and makes crude barrels cheaper for investors holding foreign currency. Higher prices for goods and services point toward inflation.

Gasoline Prices up 40% this Summer
The only surprise here normally summer and weekends usually see an increase. But this year it will be considerably noticeable in the jump. Retail prices for a gallon of regular-grade gasoline will average $3.86 from April through September, up from $2.76 for the comparable period last year, said the Energy Information Administration, the statistics arm of the Department of Energy.

Consumers Feel the Pinch of Pricier Gas and Food
Americans are paying more for food and gas, a trend that threatens to slow the economy at a crucial time. Consumer prices rose 0.5 percent last month, the Labor Department said Friday. Nearly all of the gains came from pricier gas and food.

When the people fear their government, their is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.
Thomas Jefferson


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The “Bain Report” Articles that Affect You and Your Family for Monday, April, 25, 2011

The “Bain Report” is a weekly publication for those citizens of  Michigan who are concerned with the representation they are receiving from their elected officials. The purpose of this report is to educate and inform the citizens with pertinent articles and legislation that affect the family’s of Michigan. If you or anyone you know wishes to receive the “Bain Report” reply to with add me to the weekly “Bain Report” in the subject line with your name and e-mail address in the body. Your email will be added to the list of those Patriots, Activist, and Concerned Citizens here in Michigan who receive the “Bain Report” published every Monday. For those currently receiving the “Bain Report” and wish to be removed from these mailings please reply to above e-mail address with remove me from your list in the subject line.

Opinion By: R. Al Bain

Protesters Greet Richardville at Lincoln­-Reagan Dinner
As usual this negative press on Mr. Richardville was buried on the back pages of the Monroe Evening News (Sunday Edition) April, 17, 2011 page 6A with only a 48 word paragraph and not directed at Mr. Richardville which the protest most certainly was. Anyone who reads this paper knows full well that if this was positive press it would have been on the first three pages of this newspaper in detail.

What kind of journalism is this? Why were the protesters there protesting? Who were the protesters directing the protest against? What ever happened to the Five W’s of journalism, Who, What, Where, When, and Why? Clearly they chose to leave out a some of these rules!

I have first hand information on this protest against Mr. Richardville from a reliable Monroe County elected official who stated there were between 100 and 200 protesters not the 20 to 25 the paper reported and it was most definitely directed towards him! Why this newspaper continues to advocate and protect this elected representative should be called into question by its readers. This type of reporting is a disservice to those very readers who pay for this service and the citizens of Monroe!

The little blurb the Monroe Evening News printed is as follows: Crowd protests outside Republican dinner, Between 20 and 25 protest­ers staged a rally Saturday near the Monroe Golf & Country Club, where the Monroe County Republican Party was hosting the Lin­coln­Reagan Dinner. The rally was held Saturday, April, 16, 2011 near the club, 611 Cole Rd. Michigan Senate Majority Leader Ran­dy Richardville, R-Monroe, was the keynote speaker.

The Tea Party’s Staying Power
The movement continues to evolve. Now there are groups meeting weekly to discuss policy issues and read history. They are working to hold elected officials accountable through elections. Others have joined Republicans in an effort to turn the party back to towards the ideas of self-governance and accountability. Gene Clem observes: “The biggest success, I think, was recruiting and installing new, conservative precinct delegates who now are having influence directly on the Republican Party. This includes electing a brand new Tea Party member to the Vice Chair of Grassroots in Michigan.” But not everyone agrees that political parties are the answer. “Those elected need to stand behind their principles that got them elected not for the sake of their party!” says R. Al Bain, a Tea Party activist. “It should be all about the constituents, period.”

Americans for Prosperity opposes New Bridge Public-Private Partnership
A pro-business, anti-government group known as Americans for Prosperity plans to launch a campaign Monday to oppose a new publicly owned bridge to Canada. Americans for Prosperity said the New International Trade Crossing would cost federal taxpayers $2.2 billion and Michigan taxpayers hundreds of millions more. Remember, if it’s making money it’s private, if it’s loosing money it’s public! If this passes it’s only because the legislators who would have voted in favor of it padded their campaign coffers with contributions from the lobbyist and special interest groups and you can take that to the bank!
Revised Pension Tax on the Table
For younger retirees who don’t qualify for exemptions and have paid no tax on pensions, the change could be a jolt: an additional $435 for every $10,000 in pension income. Our legislators are trying to fix the problems that they have created on the backs of the taxpayers! This will not create the economic activity they think it will. This is nothing more than broken promises from 2007 on the income tax rate, bait and switch, and corporate welfare all on the backs of the Michigan taxpayers. Along with still continuing the policy of picking winners and losers in the business community now they are picking winners and losers in the voting community by giving seniors the break because they are the ones who vote!
The Next Housing Bubble – The Perfect Storm?
What will happen to the American mortgage market over the next 15 years as baby boomers look to sell their homes or, at the very least downsize? The supply of for sale real estate will rise far more than the demand, pushing prices lower, especially for certain types of real estate. This will be particularly critical for boomers who are looking to cash in the capital built up in their real estate holdings to fund their retirement
Foreclosures rise during March in Michigan
Foreclosure activity rose again in March after a huge slowdown caused by faulty documentation for the first two months of 2011, according to data out today from RealtyTrac. In Michigan, foreclosure filings rose in March by 4.37%.
Michigan unemployment rate dips slightly in March?
More fuzzy math that Michigan’s unemployment rate edged downward slightly in March to 10.3 percent from 10.4 percent in February, according to data released today by the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth. Let’s not be fooled here by a meaningless statistic, there are simply fewer persons collecting unemployment, many, many more are not looking, gone back to school, or settling for underemployment. How about the officials give us some honest statistics on these. Fat chance!
DTE to build 3 wind-power farms in Thumb to meet state’s renewable-energy requirement
This should help reduce our dependence on foreign oil? Yeah right! The three wind farms will be on nearly 15,000 acres and will generate about 110 megawatts of electricity. The wind farm is part of DTE’s plan to meet state requirements for renewable power. A 2008 law requires the state’s electric utilities to provide 10 percent of their power from renewable sources by 2015. A typical nuclear power plant produces 1,000 megawatts of electricity per hour. At 25 megawatts to 1500 acres for a nice wind farm of 60 to 70 turbines, you would need 60,000 acres and 2400 to 2800 wind turbines to equal 1,000 megawatts. Of course, these wind turbines only produce that much power when the wind is blowing just right. That only happens about 25% of the time, so you really need four times as many wind turbines and four times as much space to produce, on average, 1,000 megawatts of electricity per hour. So that’s, 240,000 acres and 9,600 to 11,200 turbines. 240,000 acres is 375 square miles. They are way too expensive and they don’t provide a stable enough power supply to rely on. By comparison, the Fermi nuclear power plant near Monroe, Michigan sits on a site of about 2 square miles and produces 1,150 megawatts of electricity 24 hours a day for 18 months straight. Then it needs to be shut down for a month for maintenance and refueling and it can go right back to making power 24 hours a day, rain or shine. They are even thinking about adding another reactor that will double the output of the plant on the same amount of land. Because of our lawmakers in Lansing and with the new federal regulations and mandates you can thank your elected representatives for the higher energy bills you will be receiving!
Town Bans Tea Party Signs in Public Park
A federal lawsuit claims a Branch County tea party group was denied the right to display banners and signs at a tea party rally at a public park in Coldwater because it was “too political” and “too controversial.” The Coldwater City Council then passed a resolution banning all banners and signs in that park.
Coldwater Clarifies Tea Party Sign Ban
When the heat is on things have a way of changing! If we as a people stand by and take it our elected officials will continue with representation that’s not in our best interest. The legal counsel for the City of Coldwater said he anticipates working out a solution to the lawsuit filed by a tea party group that had its signs banned from a city park without going to court.
Detroit Considers 45 Charter Schools
How can this be when the Republican led Senate passed Senate Bill 926 in 2009 limiting Charter School expansion? The state-appointed manager of Detroit Public Schools identified 45 schools in the struggling district that could be turned over to private charter operators in a bid to improve student performance. Not to long ago a multi millionaire offered millions of dollars no strings attached to build Charter Schools in Detroit and was told to get lost!
Freddie and Fannie Executives Pocketed $35 Million In Taxpayer Money
Top executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were paid more than $35 million in the past two years while the two bailed-out mortgage finance giants were receiving $153 billion in support from taxpayers.
There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him.
Robert Heinlein

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The “Bain Report” Articles that Affect You and Your Family for Monday, April, 18, 2011

Opinion By R. Al Bain
Former U.S. Representative Pete Hoekstra of Holland who served from 1993 until 2011, then in 2010 was a Michigan GOP gubernatorial candidate, and now potential 2012 GOP Senate candidate, telling that “Tea Party” deficit hawks need to cut House Speaker John Boehner some slack while he’s trying to negotiate a budget deal with President Barack Obama and the Democrats. “GIVE HIM A LITTLE BIT OF BREATHING ROOM. DON’T MAKE YOUR JUDGMENTS AFTER THREE MONTHS. IT’S TOUGH. THEY CONTROL HALF OF ONE BRANCH OFGOVERNMENT.”
The federal debt increased $54.1 billion in the eight days preceding the deal made by President Barack Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) and House Speaker John Boehner (R.-Ohio) to cut $38.5 billion in federal spending for the remainder of fiscal year 2011 and he thinks the “Tea Party” hawks should cut him some slack? Republicans were elected with the help of these same “Tea Party” hawks in the 2010 elections as to cut the deficit and they promised $100,000 billion not $38,000. The real problem is that politicians say one thing to get elected then do another once in office!
This is all too typical out of a career politician who’s been feeding at the public trough since 1993 and seems content on feeding some more by contemplating running for a U S Senate seat in 2012. Mr. Hoekstra is just another one of the many old Republican guards that should fade into the political sunset along with many others including U.S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter who injected rock legends Led Zeppelin into a house floor speech.
What in the world does a rock band have to do with anything political or the problems facing our country? I say he should contact the huckster (Mike Huckabee) and see if he has an opening in his band! As far as Mr. Hoekstra he joins a long list of self proclaimed conservative Republicans who are really nothing more than center left liberals who continue to hurt the Republican Party and we have quite a few of those here in Michigan! I bet he wishes that he had the support of those same “Tea Party” hawks in his failed bid for Michigan Governor! I must be a radical conservative Republican to think this way but I call it like it is!

Michigan Democrats Push for Detroit River International Crossing legislation
Lt. Governor Calley has been working the halls of the Capitol to try and find a sponsor to reintroduce this legislation.  To date, nobody has been willing to pick up this hot potato until now. Rumors are flying that Republican (?) Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville is going to introduce it this week. Before the elections last year the public outcry from citizens against this legislation scuttled this proposal! What’s changed? I’ll tell you, once elected they don’t care what the citizens want it’s all about lobbyist, special interest, and themselves! Remember in a public-private relationship if it makes money it’s private, if it looses money it’s public and the taxpayers will be on the hook!

Battle against Public-Owned Bridge Heats Up
The taxpayers of Michigan will be the ones on the hook for this bridge no matter which way you strike it! Let Marty build his bridge but put checks and balances in place. To sum this up when you are talking about a public-private partnership if it makes money it’s private, if it looses money it’s public!

Nugent tells Gov. Snyder: Lift rules on Hunting
Richardville Pipes In:
Ted Nugent personally delivered a message Thursday to Gov. Rick Snyder: Dump rules that send hunters to other states and cost Michigan millions of dollars in business.  “Michigan has so many opportunities that are not being utilized because of so many silly, illogical, antiscience regulations that represent a blockade to sportsmen,” Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville, R-Monroe, evesdropping on the interview then piped up that he agrees with Nugent. This is coming from a legislator who’s past voting record of more taxes, fees, and regulations has been part of the problem here in Michigan. It never amazes me to see these legislators say one thing then vote for another! Richardville is not one to miss a photo-op or some free print in the press that benefits himself.

New Direction
Senator Richardville appoints new press secretary taking over the job from Matt Marsden, who had a very public clash last month with Sen. Rick Jones (R-Grand Ledge) over his choice to take up the “so-called” partial birth abortion legislation. Amber McCann who previously worked with former Democrat Governor Jennifer Granholm. McCann actually cut her teeth in politics as an intern in constituent service for former Gov. Jennifer Granholm. My question would be is this the right appointment for a “so-called” self proclaimed conservative to make? You make the call!

Granholm’s Big Payoff along with other Democrats
After years of funneling millions in taxpayer money to Big Business as governor, Jennifer Granholm cashed in Thursday as Dow handed her a six-figure position on its board. Granholm’s administration handed more than $200 million in tax breaks to Dow and its subsidiaries. In short, this smells to high heaven like a payoff! “During Granholm’s time as governor,” reported the Saginaw News, “Dow benefited from hundreds of millions of dollars in state tax credits, including more than $100 million in 2010 for Dow Kokam and Dow Powerhouse Solar Shingle development.” Democrats are the party of the little guy? Jennifer Granholm is laughing all the way to the bank at the taxpayers expense. Former Democrat State House Majority Leader Kathy Anger got her reward from AT&T when she was term limited by giving her a job as a lobbyist. Payment made for services redered.–Granholm-s-big-payoff

Costly Union Worker Special Favor Barely Survives With Help of Two Michigan Republicans
Even though the vast majority of American construction workers do not belong to a labor union, federal government policy discriminates against these workers when awarding government construction projects. An attempt to put a stop to this took place on Feb. 19 in the U.S. House of Representatives, but the attempt failed on a tie vote of 210-210. Two Michigan Republicans were amongst the 26 GOP “no” voters who could have broken the tie and won the vote for the “yes” side. All of the 210 “yes” votes were Republicans. The amendment had no Democrat support. The two Republicans from Michigan that voted “no” were Candice Miller, R-Harrison Twp., and Thad McCotter, R-Livonia. Tea Party alert, these two must go in 2012!

Michigan “8th” Worst State for Highest Property Taxes
The Tax Foundation ranked the states based on property taxes paid as a percentage of median home value for owner-occupied homes in each state. This is a good way to rank the states because it provides a standardized number for comparison. The Tax Foundation found that homeowners in these states paid the most in property taxes compared to home value. The percentages represent the percentage of home value that homeowners pay in property taxes.

What’s the Real Unemployment Number? Fuzzy math strikes again!
Last week’s surprisingly sharp decline in the unemployment rate from 9.4% to 9% and equally surprising anemic job growth — 36,000 new jobs — left a lot of investors scratching their heads. How could the unemployment rate plummet so significantly while a such a trivial number of new jobs were created? If we simply extrapolate those numbers, we get some nonsensical results. If adding 36,000 jobs to the 139 million jobs in the U.S. economy lowers the unemployment rate by 0.4 percentage points, then adding just 720,000 jobs should lower the unemployment rate by 8 points — from 9% to only 1%. Yet the Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that 812,000 jobs were added in the year from January 2010 to January 2011 (138,511,000 vs. 139,323,000). Based on the unemployment rate announced last week, we could expect that those 812,000 additional jobs would have lowered the unemployment rate to near-zero. But of course, we know they didn’t.

Initial jobless claims spike by 26,000 but remain below the 400,000 mark
First-time jobless claims spiked by 26,000 the week ending March 5, but remain below the 400,000 mark for the third straight week, the U.S. Labor Department reported today.  Not to worry, though. The increase in claims, although larger than expected by most economists, doesn’t signal that the labor market is deteriorating. Instead seasonal factors played a part in this week’s report. Quote from Michigan Works: Weekly jobless claims spiked last week, but economists say the labor market is still improving.

Ohio Legislature passes Collective Bargain Limits
We have Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana all passing this type of legislation to stop this monopoly of public unions, absent is Michigan, why? The Ohio Legislature has passed a bill severely limiting union rights for 350,000 public workers amid protests by several hundred demonstrators. The legislation affects safety workers, teachers, nurses and a host of other government personnel. It allows unions to negotiate wages and certain job conditions but not health care, sick time or pension benefits. It also does away with automatic pay increases in favor of merit raises and prohibits strikes.

Governments harangue about deficits to get more revenue so they can spend more.
Allan H. Meltzer

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The “Bain Report” Articles that Affect You and Your Family for Monday, April, 11, 2011

The “Bain Report” is a weekly publication for those citizens of  Michigan who are concerned with the representation they are receiving from their elected officials. The purpose of this report is to educate and inform the citizens with pertinent articles and legislation that affect the family’s of Michigan. If you or anyone you know wishes to receive the “Bain Report” reply to with add me to the weekly “Bain Report” in the subject line with your name and e-mail address in the body. Your email will be added to the list of those Patriots, Activist, and Concerned Citizens here in Michigan who receive the “Bain Report” published every Monday. For those currently receiving the “Bain Report” and wish to be removed from these mailings please reply to above e-mail address with remove me from your list in the subject line.

Opinion: By R. Al Bain
                                            “Full Time Pay for Part-Time Representation”
Here’s yet another good reason and example for a part-time legislature. Our new legislators were sworn in on January 12 2011 that’s about half way through the first month of the new legislative session. The Michigan Legislature began a two-week legislative recess on March 28 that will end April 8. This is just the first one of the many such recesses during the year. Let me see, if a citizen works in the private sector can they work at a new job for less than 3 months then not only take two weeks off let alone with pay? I think not!

Shouldn’t we the taxpayers who elect these “so-called” representatives be outraged and demand that this policy be stopped and a part-time legislature be implemented? They already work less than half the working day’s excluding weekends of a given year with salaries and benefits that the majority of citizens don’t receive for a full year of employment! Does anybody but me see we are being taken to the cleaners with this type of arraignment not afforded to the citizens who pay their salaries and benefits?

What we hear out of these elected representatives is that Michigan is in dire straights and we all have to share in the sacrifice and pain in order to right the ship as to bring Michigan and jobs back to this once great state. There are 38 Senators and 110 State Representatives and with each comes the cost to the taxpayers of Michigan approximately $300,000.00 for each in salaries that include but not limited to staff and their salaries, allowances, extra money for each committee that each individual representative sits on, and other perks and expenses.

Although I’m not a mathematician according to my calculations that’s upwards of approximately $44,400,000.00 “Million Dollars” per year at the taxpayers expense for the representation we have been and are receiving! I would suggest that if we had a part-time legislature and cut that number in half that would go a long way with balancing the budget along with money for infrastructure, roads, and bridges. Now, that’s sharing the pain and sacrifice equally among all Michigan’s citizens.

GOP Senate Backs Failed Status Quo
Senate Republicans seem determined to continue the avoidance and obstructionist practices of the previous Michigan Legislature, a strategy that will almost certainly produce the same disastrous results. A spokesman for House Speaker Jase Bolger, R-Marshall, said the speaker remains committed to “bold change and big ideas.” That’s encouraging. Because his counterpart in the Senate, Randy Richardville, R-Monroe, aided by the disappointing Senate Finance chairman, Jack Brandenburg, R-Harrison Township, seem committed to maintaining the failed status quo.–GOP-Senate-backs-failed-status-quo

Expanding Big Government in Michigan Alive and Well!
I hope the Tea Party folks who helped elect and re-elect these so called conservatives see the light! 2011 Senate Bill 144 (Expand 21st Century Jobs Fund corporate subsidies) is nothing more than corporate welfare and picking winners and losers in the business community. When it comes to our tax dollars these representatives are thick as thieves!

Amid Tougher Times, Spending on Payroll Soars at Michigan Universities
It’s all about our children and their education they say! A group of these high priced and over paid University Presidents lead by Mary Sue Coleman of the University of Michigan were in Lansing last week crying foul at a legislative subcommittee hearing on the proposed cuts to their universities of taxpayer monies. These people have the gull! Michigan Universities increased their spending on administrative positions by nearly 30% on average in the last five years, even as university leaders say they’ve slashed expenses to keep college affordable for families. I can’t say it enough, we the taxpayers should not be funding these university’s when it’s all about cushy salaries and benefits and not our children’s education. During this same time period tuition has increased on an average of 8% per year!

Real Redistricting reform must come from the People
At the heart of our democracy is the principle that voters choose their representatives. But it might be more accurate to say that in Michigan, representatives are choosing their voters! When it comes time to draw the boundaries for the districts that will enable voters to send representatives to Lansing and to Congress, elected representatives themselves draw the lines. And they can choose which voters will be in their district. This process is flawed and needs to change. But current reform efforts from both parties continue to fall short.

States Pushing Back on ObamaCare, but Michigan Takes the Money
Some States have returned the $1 million exchange planning grant to the federal government as to implement Nationalized Health Care. Unfortunately, Michigan has already taken its share of this same loot, $999,772 worth. Whether our Department of Community Health bureaucrats have spent it already is not known at this time.

150 Michigan School Systems are on the Verge of going Broke
More than 150 school districts and charter schools in Michigan are teetering on the edge of going broke, a situation that is likely to get worse under Gov. Rick Snyder’s proposed cuts of $470 per pupil. These are the districts that have so little set aside in rainy day funds that Snyder’s cuts — coupled with a huge increase in retirement costs this summer — could put them in a deficit, joining the 43 districts and charters already there.

Jobs in Michigan like finding a Needle in a Haystack
Last year, 36% of Michigan’s 590,000 unemployed workers had been searching for a job for a year or longer, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That was the third-highest rate in the country. In Michigan alone, 150,000 residents this year are expected to run out of their unemployment benefits, which last an unprecedented 99 weeks. That’s on top of the 91,287 that have already done so, according to state and federal data hence the drop in the unemployment number.

Ex Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
A local psychiatrist says former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder a more accurate diagnosis would be (Thieving Interruptus.) The claim is made in a lawsuit against the company SkyTel, which released the damaging text messages that triggered Kilpatrick’s down fall. “He’s confined and humiliated. He’s embarrassed. He’s devastated. He’s depressed. He’s anxious,” testified Dr. Miller. Dr. Miller was hired to evaluate Kilpatrick and he testified that his pay rate is $400 an hour to review records and $500 to testify in court. Does this mean his comeback is on hold?

How Is Gov. Snyder Doing So Far?
What a governor does means more than what a governor says or what kind of people he brings to his team. Gov. Rick Snyder has stated intentions and filled appointments, but he must be judged by his executive actions and signatures on bills.

ON POINT: Citizen Blast’s Alan Simpson, Senator from Wyoming
Alan Simpson, Republican Senator from Wyoming , Co-Chair of Obama’s deficit commission, calls senior citizens the Greediest Generation as he compared “Social Security” to a Milk Cow with 310 million teats. August, 2010. Here’s a response in a letter from a true American in Montana and I think he is a little ticked off! He also tells it like it is! This is one of the best letter’s I have ever read on the problems facing our country!

A government which robs Peter to pay Paul, can always count on the support of Paul.
George Bernard Shaw

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The “Bain Report” Articles that Affect You and Your Family for Monday, April, 4, 2011

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Opinion: By R. Al Bain
The real problem with public employee unions, they work for monopolies, and their bosses have given them the keys to the candy store by giving them, not voters the power to tax. 

Loyola University economics professor, Tom DiLorenzo said he once described this system to a class of his and to one of his students, who was from the Republic of China, the student said it sounds like communism. And he was right. It’s a government-run monopoly.  If the employees of a grocery store go on strike, we can buy groceries somewhere else. The owner of the store can hire replacement workers.

But when the teachers go on strike or the garbage collectors, since they work for a monopoly, they have the ability to shut everything down, for who knows how long? Wisconsin teachers calling in sick to protest come to mind here! That is what gives them so much clout and so much power. And it allows them to transfer the power to tax from the taxpayers to the government employee unions because they have so much leverage with the strike threat as employees of a monopoly.

Democrat and Republican politicians both past and present have contributed to this problem with favorable legislation that has giving more power to this monopoly of public unions by their legislative actions. With public unions and their lobbyist contributing to the campaigns of these politicians along with other special interest groups this is a real problem for the taxpayers. The fact of the matter is that we elect politicians to represent us, then, they become beholding to these public unions and special interest groups!

I received a phone call from Michigan State Senator Republican Randy Richardville in October of 2009 on an unrelated issue in which I asked him why was he taking campaign donations from Democratic Unions. His response was that I didn’t understand how the political process worked. He stated that large organizations such as these unions donate to politician’s campaigns because they want a say in public policy. In which I replied, so the common workingman, his constituents who elected him as their representative and didn’t have the resources to contribute to his political campaign then they didn’t have a say in public policy. His response to me was not necessarily! What kind of answer is that I asked in which he couldn’t respond only to downplay the question?  

A good example of this problem is back in 1969 when a young Democrat Senator by the name of Coleman Young of Detroit introduced legislation that became law, Public Act 312 as payment made for services rendered in helping him to get elected to office by the Police and Firefighters Union for contributions and support they made to his campaign. Then in 2010 Republican Senator Randy Richardville introduced Senate Bill 1072 which would further enhance this government-run monopoly law to the detriment of the local municipalities and the taxpayers of this once great State of Michigan in the form of collective bargaining. This just proves that Democrats and Republicans are just the opposite side of the same coin! It’s all about them, not We the People (THE TAXPAYERS)!

Michigan Jobless Figures Spike in January
Oh but Congressman John Dingell paints a rosy picture telling The Monroe Chamber of Commerce March, 23, 2011 the economy is on the upswing. First-time jobless claims spiked by 26,000 the week ending March 5. Last week, 397,000 people filed initial claims compared to the prior week’s revised figure of 371,000. the Michigan jobless figure spiked and that unemployment rose in most areas of Michigan in January, with Monroe posting one of the largest increases in the state at 11.9 percent, up from 10.6 percent. Michigan’s overall unemployment rate was 11.3 per­cent while the national rate was around 9 percent. How much longer will the citizens, voters, and this Chamber fall for this bull from Mr. Dingell and other politcians like his good buddy from Monroe Senator Randy Richardville who fed the same Chamber in April 2010 political spin for the dire straights facing Michigan by putting the blame on his fellow legislators like he hasn’t been part of the problem? We citizens deserve what we get when we continue to vote these self serving type of so called representatives into office!

Michigan’s Rising Gas, Food Prices to Hurt Consumers
Americans are now paying 29 cents more for a gallon of gas than when the Libyan crisis started, an increase of about 10 percent. That means an extra $108 million a day goes towards gas instead of other discretionary purchases. Food costs have risen 2.3% over the last 12 months the fastest pace since May 2009. The cost of corn and wheat, for example, recently spiked to a two-year high, and sugar prices have climbed to their loftiest level in three decades. The impact of higher prices on the household budget would be up to $200 a month if gasoline and food prices continue to rise. All signs indicate that inflation is beginning to heat up as well.

February New Home Sales Plunged to Slowest Pace in 50 Years
New-home sales fell 16.9% last month to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 250,000 homes, the Commerce Department said Wednesday. It’s the third-straight monthly decline and far below the 700,000-a-year pace that economists view as healthy. The median price of a new home dropped nearly 14% to $202,100, the lowest since December 2003.

U.S. February Existing Home Sales Fall
Sales of U.S. previously owned homes dropped more than forecast in February and the median purchase price declined to the lowest since the same month in 2002, indicating the housing market is struggling to recover.

Dingell: Michigan Economy is Recovering and Auto Industry back on track
What planet is this guy on? This is just all the more reason that he must and should be replaced as a representative! He said the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act created or saved 102,000 jobs in Michigan (unemployment just went up), paved more than 2,200 miles of roads, fixed 38 bridges, helped more than 250,000 students enter or continue college, and saved thousands of police, firefighter and teacher jobs. You have got to be kidding me has anyone else driven on our roads? Wait till spring! The Michigan Department of Transportation just canceled the widening of Telegraph in Flat Rock yet again because they say there’s no money. Municipalities are laying off police and firefighters left and right with more on the way. Several municipalities are on the verge of bankruptcy while others are broke. Our elected officials are so out of touch with the common working man and their families especially this one.

What Has America Become?
This letter to the editor is right on spot! The author does an excellent job of explaining why we as a people and country are where we are now, a must read!

How Are Your Tax Dollars Supporting Mosque Makeovers?
Is this coming to a city near you like Dearbornistan? How outrageous is this? How Are Your Tax Dollars Supporting Mosque Makeovers? If there was ever a reason to be upset with our federal government’s waste of U.S. taxpayer dollars, this has to be very near the top! Justin Farmer reports from WSBTV Atlanta.

Detroit’s population falls 25%, Bing wants recount
Michigan was the only state to lose population in the decade, falling 54,000 to 9,883,640. Wayne County as a whole lost more than 11 percent of its population. Census figures released Tuesday pegged Motown’s population at 713,777 its lowest population in a century. Detroit loses more than stature. The depopulation the equivalent of a busload of Detroiters leaving the city every day for 10 years means the city will lose millions in state funds. It likely will lose Senate and House seats in Lansing in the redistricting process. This is yet another reason why our tax dollars should not be wasted on the proposed light rail system along the Woodward corridor and we have our esteemed U.S. Sen. Carl Levin to thank for this. We as citizens of Michigan are loosing basic services our roads and bridges are in disarray and this is the type of representation we get from Mr. Levin?—Bing-wants-recount

Southeast Michigan Home Prices Lowest since 1994
Metro Detroit home prices remain the most depressed in America, according to data released Tuesday. Southeast Michigan is far from alone in having depressed home prices, but its descent has been more dramatic. Home prices nationwide were down in January for the sixth consecutive month, according to the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Prices Indices released Tuesday.

Peace, Commerce and Honest Friendship with all Nations; entangling alliances with none.
Thomas Jefferson


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