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Where Were You When The Tea Party Started?

2009 Tea Party Rally Loranger Square Monroe

In 2007 a group of Constitutional Conservative executive committee members of the Monroe County Republican Party formed a caucus in direct response to the moderate liberal left who controlled the Party. The caucus was named the Constitutional Caucus of Monroe County. As one of the founders I and others formed an executive committee, wrote a mission statement and created by-laws from which to follow. 

This was not well received by the local Republican Party and soon operatives were sent in to infiltrate and co-opt this new caucus. When we caught one of them recording one of our meetings without our knowledge or permission we knew we had a problem. Because of the rules and by-laws we created we couldn’t just boot this individual out because it would go against the very foundation that the caucus was formed on.

The answer was simple and we would disband the caucus and form a new one with a new name called the Conservative Caucus of Monroe County. Safeguards were put in place or so we thought as to prevent those who disagreed with this newly formed caucus. The established local Republican Party was relentless in destroying this caucus that they deemed a real and present threat to their power and control.

2009 Tea Party Booth Monroe Fair

It seems everyone has a price and will sell out for their 30 pieces of silver and that’s exactly what happened to this group in which now only resembles a shadow of it’s former self with few remaining members. Does this sound familiar of what has happened with some Tea Parties around the state? Take a look at just some of the educational events and Tea Party rallies that we put on as to educate and inform the citizens see link below.

The Tea Party movement is an American political movement that advocates strict adherence to the United States Constitution, reducing U.S. government spending and taxes, and reduction of the U.S. national debt and federal budget deficit. The movement has been called partly conservative, partly libertarian, and partly populist. The movement has sponsored protests and supported political candidates since 2009.



Will Masco Corporation follow PulteGroup out of Michigan?

BREAKING NEWS Masco Corporation

While this has not been confirmed the rumblings are there. My source that is a small business owner providing custom product installation and has done extensive work at Masco’s Headquarters and also at several of the companies executive’s private homes has informed me of the rumors.

The recent announcement by Pulte Group to move its operations to Georgia comes as a blow to Michigan’s already struggling economy. Word has it that the Masco Corporation is contemplating moving its operation’s to Florida. If true this is definitely not a good thing for Michigan.

Masco Corporation is today one of the world’s largest manufacturers of brand name products for the home improvement and new home construction markets. Masco is also a leading provider of a variety of installed products and services, including insulation, for homebuilders.

Masco Corporation employ’s 35,000 Full time employees it’s brands include Delta and Peerless plumbing products, Behr Paint, Merillat and Kraftmaid cabinets. While I could not substantiate and verify this through my research having access to the inside information usually proves something is brewing and I’m sure they wouldn’t want to let the cat out of the bag to soon.

The thinking in Lansing with the big tax breaks for these businesses and also there equipment may be flawed in that the economy is consumer driven. When they balance the lost tax revenue on the backs of the citizens it takes away disposable income to spend on these companies products. Could this be why some are leaving the state?

Cutting the size and scope of government along with cutting taxes across the board for all including the citizens of Michigan seems like it would be a better plan for reviving our economy. Raising the gas tax and vehicle registration fees is not the answer! Lansing has proposed several new tax increases in 2013.

Lansing refuses to cut the many “failed” entities of big government such as the MEDC and the frivolous subsides to the chosen few that could supply prioritized funding for basic necessities such as roads and infrastructure without the extra taxation proposed on an already over-taxed citizenry.

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PulteGroup Pulls Out of Michigan Headed to Atlanta

Aco Pulte JC Penney St John Providence

Snyder Disappointed by Pulte Homes Move to Atlanta. I thought all the big tax cut’s for big business were supposed to bring jobs? It was nothing more than a big tax increase on we citizens of Michigan who could least afford the tax increases!

The PulteGroup homebuilding company’s decision will cost Michigan roughly 300 jobs. But this isn’t the only recent jobs losses! This comes at an awkward time for Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and his allies, who portray his policies as the cure for years of economic illness.

ACO to close 14 of 66 Michigan stores; 140 jobs affected
So much for the false recovery!

J.C. Penney, Bleeding Cash, Seeks to Raise $1 Billion
Bond analysts don’t think Penney’s operations will be able to generate enough cash to cover the company’s needs beyond a year.

Michigan St. John Providence Health System lays off 160 workers

Word from around the state there are many businesses that have closed their doors or are about to and many buildings where businesses used to prosper are abandoned and empty. The politicians and news media paint a false picture that we are in a recovery but the real truth our economy is still in deep trouble. Several people I talk with can’t find a decent job and complain about the cost of goods and services such as food and gas.

Since 2006 here in Monroe Michigan the list of businesses shuttering their doors is very alarming to say the least! From big brand name retail stores to restaurants these building sit empty. Sears, Elder-Beerman, Farmer Jack, United Furniture, Block Buster, Hallmark, Fashion Bug, a Burger King, a Bob Evans and at least several dozen other restaurants. I know I’m missing some!

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Michigan Citizens Lansing Legislators want a ……Gas Tax Hike – SAY HELL NO!

Fuel Receipt Kroger 1

We pay more in gas tax than Ohio but they have much better roads! Gas in Monroe, Michigan at the Speedway gas station was $3.89 per gallon but 9 miles down the road in Ohio it was $3.22! Now with my Kroger Card and using the $.30 credit on it I paid $2.92!

I have a little advice for those Lansing Republicans who are seeking re-election in 2014. You are already facing a huge monumental task with getting re-elected as it is so don’t even think about passing a gas tax increase or even putting it before the “sheeple” for a vote!

Cut the size and scope of Michigan government with it’s many “failed” entity’s such as the MEDC and Film Subsidies which are just two that come to mind there’s your road tax money!

Republican legislators who introduced Bills to RAISE YOUR GAS TAX in 2013
Sen. Randy Richardville, Sen. Tom Casperson, Sen. John Pappageorge and Sen. Roger Kahn!

Which State Pays Most In Gas Taxes? Michigan is in the top ten but Ohio isn’t! State Gasoline Tax Rates
as of January 1, 2013 (Cents Per Gallon) Michigan 38.7 Ohio 28. Michigan is ranked the 6th highest in the country while Ohio is ranked 21st!

Take one look at Detroit with the “friends and family” pay to play corruption arraignments that former State Senator and former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his close friend Bobby Ferguson had with businesses.

The same thing goes on in Lansing with politicians! They are all involved in a criminal enterprise that bilks the taxpayers of Michigan all for personal gain.

In Lansing it all has to do with real estate, real estate development and construction with the politically connected. Research and you will clearly see a majority of these politicians are involved in the above mentioned entity’s.

“Men cannot be made good by the state, but they can easily be made bad. Morality depends on liberty.” ~ Lord Acton

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