Welcome to Michigan’s World of the Political Illusion

Political Illusion 446 X 339

While many are entrenched into the I’m a Democrat, I’m a Republican ideology the elitist are working behind the scenes convincing the masses into believing that there are two major political parties. Nothing could be further than the truth! It’s all just like a magician’s slight of hand trick as to con the voting public.

What in the world could I be talking about? If one was to research and study past legislation of the last two Governor’s Granholm and Snyder the picture becomes very clear. Granholm wanted the new bridge to Canada Snyder got it and this is just one example there are many others that proves this out.

Look real hard and close at Detroit and what’s happening outside the overthrow bankruptcy generating as much real estate as possible with the state grabbing the river front, Gilbert getting as much as he can downtown and now they talk of removing the expressway, why? Could it be more building sites to accommodate Chinese investors and businesses getting ready to set up? Remember all those trips to China?

With the new second span across the Detroit River, the NAFTA North American Super Highway from Mexico to N/E Canada is streamlined. Detroit becomes a major shipping hub via the river and the demographics will be significantly different in the very near future.

There’s a reason Virgil “Virg” Bernero was the Democrat candidate and it’s all about the slight of hand deceptions that we have two political party’s in which we don’t we have an “establishment” and both sides sleep in the same bed. DeVoss couldn’t buy his own votes, too much baggage so he got Snyder to do his dirty work. The “sheeple” won’t make that connection though.

Jenny was all part of the plan as well. You look at the crap some very well liked and trusted GOP legislators were elected and what they have done this session which is undeniable and there’s an agenda, both sides one and the same. And guess what? That agenda is not in the best interest of us the citizens of Michigan!

Some more examples should prove this out. John Rakolta businessman and big Republican campaign contributor and Romney guy that allegedly through media reports donated $10,000.00 to Democrat Bob Ficano’s campaign war chest only to receive the contract for the new Wayne County jail project. Payment made for services rendered. We all know how that’s worked out for the taxpayers.  Not so good I’d say.

The same John Rakolta teamed up with some of the biggest Democrat donors in the country with the Movie and Film Producer subsidy’s scam with Granholm on board costing the taxpayers of Michigan dearly. Fast forward and Governor Rick Snyder appoints the same John Rakolta to the board of the “failed” MEDC who has been handing out the taxpayers’ money to these businessmen for their business ventures.

While both political parties portray in public that they are mortal enemies in the political arena and that their ideology is like night and day, nothing again could be further than the truth. The very truth of the matter is that they are friends behind the scenes and just battle for power and control over “We the People” internally and both are trying to advance an agenda that is not in the best interest of state and country only their own.

  1. #1 by Marilyn on December 2, 2013 - 1:06 pm

    I love those sweet, old ladies. I agree wholeheartly with them. I am a senior citizen living on my Social Security, which is NOT an entitlement, I worked for over 50 yrs for that money. I paid into the fund and my employers paid into the fund. The damn, dirty, greedy pick-my-pocketbook, pols now want to call it an “entitlement”. I have a problem with that. Keep up the good work RB, and keep my posted on all that matters to us, used-to-be middle class, now low-income seniors.

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