Will Masco Corporation follow PulteGroup out of Michigan?

BREAKING NEWS Masco Corporation

While this has not been confirmed the rumblings are there. My source that is a small business owner providing custom product installation and has done extensive work at Masco’s Headquarters and also at several of the companies executive’s private homes has informed me of the rumors.

The recent announcement by Pulte Group to move its operations to Georgia comes as a blow to Michigan’s already struggling economy. Word has it that the Masco Corporation is contemplating moving its operation’s to Florida. If true this is definitely not a good thing for Michigan.

Masco Corporation is today one of the world’s largest manufacturers of brand name products for the home improvement and new home construction markets. Masco is also a leading provider of a variety of installed products and services, including insulation, for homebuilders.

Masco Corporation employ’s 35,000 Full time employees it’s brands include Delta and Peerless plumbing products, Behr Paint, Merillat and Kraftmaid cabinets. While I could not substantiate and verify this through my research having access to the inside information usually proves something is brewing and I’m sure they wouldn’t want to let the cat out of the bag to soon.

The thinking in Lansing with the big tax breaks for these businesses and also there equipment may be flawed in that the economy is consumer driven. When they balance the lost tax revenue on the backs of the citizens it takes away disposable income to spend on these companies products. Could this be why some are leaving the state?

Cutting the size and scope of government along with cutting taxes across the board for all including the citizens of Michigan seems like it would be a better plan for reviving our economy. Raising the gas tax and vehicle registration fees is not the answer! Lansing has proposed several new tax increases in 2013.

Lansing refuses to cut the many “failed” entities of big government such as the MEDC and the frivolous subsides to the chosen few that could supply prioritized funding for basic necessities such as roads and infrastructure without the extra taxation proposed on an already over-taxed citizenry.


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