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Opinion By R Al Bain

The GOP is trending on the side of “failure” at both the state and national levels and the question remains should the Conservatives and Tea Party faithful continue to support the parties continued move to the liberal left? I would suggest that a new more principled party be formed as it’s replacement.

The so-called leaders of both the national and state GOP parties refuse to listen to the Conservative base of the party and are continuing to move left along with the Democrats. As a voting Republican for over 35 years I am appalled at what my party has become.

If we Conservatives continue to support our parties move to the left what do we have? I’ll tell you, we will have a Democrat-Lite Party that isn’t at all much different from the liberal Democrats. While there are those who believe that the Conservative and Tea Party base can and will take over the GOP I think they are mistaken.

The only way for the establishment power brokers to change and adhere to the wishes of the base of the party is to hit them where it hurts and that’s at the ballot box. If we continue to cast our votes just because the establishment liberal candidates have an (R) after their name nothing will ever change.

The GOP has the voters right where they want them and that’s with fear and intimidation of, if you don’t vote Republican then you get the liberal Democrat. I say you get a liberal either way! Both major parties have become one in the same and it’s all a struggle for power between the two with complete and total disregard for the party members and “We the People” at large.

GOP Continues War on Conservatives – Tea Party
The war with the party’s old guard is not just limited to Michigan. Stories are coming in from all over the United States of “a kangaroo court-type proceeding orchestrated by long-time party bosses.” The power broker elitist of the GOP will continue with the “shenanigans” as to “purge” the Conservatives and Tea Party faithful.

It would appear that the old guard mentality of the GOP is that they must abandon their Principles and Moral Values and continue to move left along with the Democrats if they are to compete for seats as to win elections. Remember the only thing these GOP power brokers understand is winning and losing and they will use any and all tactics to achieve that goal.

Ex AG Mike Cox “Swings” on Gay Marriage, Joins Agema Attackers
The liberal wing of the MIGOP continues attacks on it’s Conservative and Tea Party base. Former Michigan AG “RINO” Mike Cox now supports same-sex marriages in the state, and thinks GOP leader Dave Agema should apologize for his posting on Facebook.

This all coming from a guy who was allegedly groomed and mentored for the political arena by Democrat Ed (Fast Eddie) McNamara along with Jennifer Granholm, Kawme Kilpatrick, Bob Ficano, Mike Duggan and host of others! They are all political step children of ‘ole Eddie and political brothers and sisters.

GOP Chairman’s Brother David Schostak Wins Court Ruling

When you have friends who can get laws passed to your benefit and allows you to renege on a loan obligation life is good. We regular citizens of Michigan only wish we could get the same treatment as the politically connected in regard to our loan obligations!

Corruption Surrounds Lansing Politicians

Will it ever end? We have laws made that relieves the MIGOP chairman’s brother of a loan obligation now we have state Treasurer Andy Dillon’s (D) communications director Terry Stanton’s wife involved in fraudulent unemployment insurance benefits she fraudulently received totaling about $7,500.

“Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized. In the first it is ridiculed: in the second it is opposed: in the third it is regarded as self evident”. ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

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