Michigan Politics, Corruption and Cronyism … Who was paid off? Is Bobby Schostak Involved?

Bosses of the Senate

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) has a laundry list of “failed” investments with taxpayer money. The citizens of Michigan should and must call for the abolishment of this “quasi government” entity that continues to waste taxpayer dollars. 

Kilpatrick’s financial backers, however, may have the final say on that matter.

Before landowners in Romulus and Huron Township sued to block Wayne County’s takeover of their properties to build the Pinnacle Aeropark, a consortium of Kilpatrick campaign contributors and confidantes was duking it out with an opposing group of prominent Republican contributors over who would be named developer of the $2 billion project.

The Pinnacle project includes plans for hotels, factories, offices and a 27-hole championship golf course on a 1,300 acre site.

Together with the Romulus casino and a racino also approved by Romulus voters, the development would create a tourist destination that would allow air travelers to entirely bypass the city of Detroit.

The two consortiums in the final running to be named Pinnacle developer were the Aeropark Alliance, Wayne County LLC, and the Metro South Development Group, LLC.

The Aeropark Alliance is composed of the “Schostak Brothers” Sand Co, Inc, Belz Enterprises, the Sterling Group, and attorney and Michigan Democratic Party co-chair Melvin “Butch” Hollowell.

The “Schostaks” and Sterling Group partners were significant contributors to the Kawme Kilpatrick mayoral campaign. “Gary Torgow” one of the state’s top Democrat donors of the Sterling Group and Hollowell were Kilpatrick transition team members in 2001…”


Gary Torgow is connected to 196 board members in 5 different organizations across 5 different industries. Click See Board Relationships VERY INTERESTING!!!


Wayne County, Michigan – Sunshine Review

Wayne County sold land to a Huron Township racecourse for $1 less than two years ago and sold one parcel for $179,000. The Pinnacle Race Course has …


Pinnacle raceway surrenders gaming license in midst of financial trouble

May 5, 2011 – … Raceway in New Boston. It reads: “This property seized by Huron Township”. … It sold three hundred-twenty acres to Campbell for one dollar.


Pinnacle Race Course Pays Water Bill. But on the property itself? Pinnacle pays $33000 water bill to avoid shutoff In reality the …

HURON TWP: Sep 21, 2010 – The bill is accruing a 1 percent penalty until it is paid, and that fee is assessed … The Pinnacle racetrack is on 320 acres owned by Post-It Stables. …. Foul Ball, They Bought Land For A Dollar, They Sold a Piece for $179,000.


Owner of “One Dollar” Race Track Property Was Not Sent Tax Bills …

Aug 21, 2010 – Owner of “One Dollar” Race Track Property Was Not Sent Tax Bills for Two … The private Huron Township race course that got 240 acres of land for $1 in a deal with Wayne County and then sold part of it for $179,000 wasn’t …


Racetrack Buys Property From Wayne Co. Taxpayers for $1

Aug 13, 2010 – One-dollar investment may yet yield two more property sales for track owners … A Huron Township racecourse that bought land for $1 from Wayne … has already sold one parcel for $179,000 and has plans to sell two more


MEDC-Endorsed Bet on Horse Track Now Under Investigation

Aug 16, 2010 – A privately owned racecourse in Huron Township broke a promise … But the state , county and township do not collect property tax dollars if the land is sold to … Huron Township widened one of the roads leading to the track in …


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