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Opinion by R Al Bain

The Power Broker GOP Establishment Elitist Employ Tactics of the Left Against Kerry Bentivolio

So what does the “Tea Party” faithful mean to the power broker elitist of the Republican Party? I’ll tell you, nothing but their votes as to retain power and control. How many times will it take before we the people learn and realize that the rhetoric we hear from the “Party Bosses” and would be candidates of the Republican Party speak of smaller government, individual freedoms and liberties just to get elected or re-elected?

Just look at the many who have proclaimed this while pandering to the grassroots movement only to backtrack when elected to office! Some recent examples: look what they are doing to Kerry Bentivolio in getting a write-in to challenge him in the primary. An establishment so-called Senate Majority leader in Randy Richardville threatening lawsuits against citizens of his own Party for their outspoken criticisms of his actions, policies, and moral fabric or his lack thereof.

The Richardville machine has even targeted a Conservative Republican here in Monroe County who is up for re-election as a County Commissioner in District 7. His minions even had the gull at a recent Commissioners meeting as to bring their candidate challenger and introduce him to this Conservative Commissioner. 

We have witnessed a very disturbing trend. The Republican establishment which fought Ronald Reagan in the 1970s and which continues to fight the grassroots Tea Party movement today has adopted the tactics of the left in using the media and the politics of personal destruction to attack an opponent. Don’t let them get away with it!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Senator Richardville Recall Wording Approved

Today, by a 2-1 vote the Monroe County Board of Elections paved the way for the citizens of the 17th Senatorial District to remove Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville from office, removing a Senate Majority leader is a task that has never been successfully completed in modern history.

Jeff Andring a former Monroe County Republican Party Chairman initiated the recall process because of Mr. Richardville’s lack of leadership and Bill’s that he has sponsored or co-sponsored that are detrimental to the principles of the Republican Party Platform.

Mr. Andring along with other Tea Party leaders and concerned citizens are building a coalition to begin the signature gathering portion of the recall process to remove this RINO from office. It is also being reported that this recall effort may receive financial aid from conservative sources.

If you have any questions regarding this recall effort please contact:

Jeff Andring – 313-805-5439 –

Is Michigan Next “Union Rights” Battleground?

Not as long as Senate Majority Randy Richardville holds the leadership position in Lansing! As leader he controls what goes into and out of committees and what comes up to the floor for a vote! He has consistently continued to block “right to work” legislation from being introduced and has allegedly used threats against any of his colleagues who attempted to do so! What’s the old saying, power corrupts?

As the “unions” best friend in Lansing he has alone enabled the “unions” to now get a constitutional amendment on the November ballot banning future “right to work” legislation from ever being introduced here in Michigan if passed. On Wednesday, a group known as Protect Our Jobs submitted 684,286 petition signatures more than twice the minimum required to place on the ballot a state constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to collective-bargaining for government and private-sector workers.

Governor Snyder Vows No Public Cash for “New Government Bridge” Oh Really?

Yeah right and I will sell you some pristine property in Arizona cheap and on a good day you can even see the “Golden Gate Bridge”! Political smoke and mirrors on this one folks. Let’s have a little history here shall we in Bridge’s. This same crap (propaganda) was spewed with the Mackinaw, Blue Water, and the Bridge that made Zilwaukee famous in which we the taxpayers are still paying for!

As with anything the government get’s involved with there are sure to be problems not to mention cost overruns to the tune of millions of dollars and faulty engineering due to low contract bids and these concerns are well documented with the Blue Water and Zilwaukee Bridges. Look at education and social security as just two examples where the government has failed the citizens. Why would the government even want to be in the bridge business when you have a private citizen willing to risk and spend his own money with “no risk what so ever” to the taxpayers? The only revenue stream (money) that the government generates is the taxpayers!

Richardville “Lies” to the Press about “New Government Bridge”

Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville has lied to the press in regard to the New Government Bridge! Senator Richardville was quoted as saying “The Senate was leery that future legislation would use funds on this bridge,” Richardville said. “I’ve been consistent with no using taxpayer money all along. Nor should government compete with private enterprise.” If anyone want’s verification of this “flat out lie” just read Senate Bill 410 and Senate Bill 411 that he himself sponsored and introduced for this New Government Bridge.

Richardville Comments on Scott Walker Recall Victory

This statement should clearly show what Richardville is with his slap in the face comment! First Michigan Republican Party Chairman Bobby Schostak said that Walker’s victory is a voter endorsement of the GOP’s efforts nationwide to cut the size of government.

Then Richardville’s statement: Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville said he doesn’t look to Wisconsin as a model for Michigan and doesn’t really care what happened there. He went on to say “The Wisconsin people and Legislature does things their way, and we do ours our way.”

Meet the Michigan GOP Establishment’s Newest Mail-Order Bride

With McCotter’s campaign self destructing on the petition signatures leaving him off the ballot and leaving only a “Tea Party” favorite named Kerry Bentivolio as the only candidate certified to appear on the Republican ballot this did not sit well with the GOP establishment. So what was the establishment to do about this? They needed a Party yes man or yes woman not a people’s man!

So now they needed someone who could knock off Bentivolio! In steps the usual suspects Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, Oakland County Republican Chair Jim Thienel and 13 other local Republican leaders have anointed former state Sen. Nancy Cassis of Novi, on whose behalf they intend to mount a strenuous write-in campaign in the Aug. 7 GOP primary. Don’t let them do it!

While a State Senator in Lansing Cassis was busy seeking and occasionally securing tax breaks for a wide variety of corporate supplicants no doubt as payback for campaign contributions!

Allen Park: From Movie Mecca to Emergency Manager

It is something that has been on the minds of many in the broke city of Allen Park. While there is plenty of blame to go around on this issue let’s look at the heart of the problem shall we? Former governor Jennifer Granholm initiated this mess with “taxpayer funded subsidies” for Wealthy Hollywood Movie Producers and Film Studios now her former colleague who was onboard from the onset Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville has doubled down on these subsidies with legislation he introduced and passed in Lansing in the next budget!

Public Act 4, Michigan’s law for taking over a financially troubled local unit of government. Allen Parks troubles deepened when it purchased, without voter approval, the site of an old Visteon plant to turn into a movie studio. The city was hoping to cash in on a recent state law that required taxpayers to foot up 42 percent of the expenses of movies shot in the state. The studio never materialized.The city paid nearly 30 million dollars for the property. Last spring, it was worth about half of that.

States Forecast Higher Tax Revenue

This article is very deceiving in that it paints a much rosier picture than what it really is. Take Michigan for example, we have lost population and jobs but yet have higher tax revenue. This equates to fuzzy math to me! What this tells me is that taxes have increased on the citizenry for this to be true. Here in Michigan our taxes have increased over 23% in the last year alone!

Michigan Legislators OK’s Tax Cut – Oh Really, Yeah Right!

I have to say the voting public here in Michigan needs to wake up and start paying attention! Taxes have risen here in Michigan in the last year by over 23%. After the largest tax increase in Michigan’s history back in 2007 a deal was struck to decrease the rate back to 3.9% by 2013. Now they are using smoke and mirrors with this latest so-called tax cut and the rate will not decrease until 2018.

This so-called tax cut would amount to an average of $10 per person during the fiscal year starting Oct. 1. This is nothing more than a campaign ploy for the House Republicans who are up for re-election! What are you going to do with your $10.00? We Michigan taxpayers could get enough back from the state to pay for a fast-food lunch or two if were are thrifty but I noticed even McDonalds have even raised their prices! 

College Costs Rise 15 Percent

No problem you can just apply that Michigan tax cut of $10.00 per person towards this increase! The Department of Education offered up yet another bit of awful sounding news about the cost of college, when it reported that tuition at four-year, public institutions had jumped up 15 percent in two years — even faster than the cost of health care. At private schools, they rose by almost 10 percent on average.

“Politicians and diapers should be changed often, and for the same reason” ~ Mark Twain

  1. #1 by Dean S. Hazel on June 17, 2012 - 11:04 am

    What’s the old saying, power corrupts? Actual power does not corrupt, but is corrupted! Honest, ethical men corrupt nothing, but dishonest corrupted men cannot hardly wait to get their hands on power and dollars or what passes for money these days.

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